Curious about what we can do for your company?

Via our software tools we scan your indirect costs to determine where the potential lies.
Not an old-fashioned audit, but a data-driven audit tailored to your company!
We immediately see how well your rates are in the market and how we can realize savings at current and new suppliers.
Independent - no cure no pay - nothing to lose!

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Book a conversation with a Spendless colleague and receive a free, no-obligation analysis of your general costs.

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After analyzing your fixed costs, we go through the findings together and we show how strong your current rates are in the market.

A great advantage of our cooperation is your honest approach and communication. All analyzes are clearly explained and you keep to all agreements.

Kristof Vandenweghe, CEO, Bomedys NV

IconSignificant savings

Due to our independent character, our knowledge of the various sectors and thorough data analyzes, we can significantly reduce your costs.

We do not have the expertise and time to manually check, let alone improve, our telecom bills.
Spendless optimizes the invoices and with their online platform, we can easily keep a close eye on our telecom costs ourselves

Torsten Moerman, Chief accountant, Dewaele Vastgoed & Advies

IconIndependent optimization

Based on our analyzes and your preferences, we optimize your costs with the current or with a new supplier. Because we never receive a commission or fee from a supplier, we can fully optimize your costs to your advantage.

Any company or organization with significant costs and a complex cost structure benefits from putting Spendless' specialized consultants to work. Especially because they more than earn back their costs.

Patrick Thierens, Head ICT, Stad Sint-Niklaas

IconGuaranteed more profit, time & knowledge

We contractually guarantee how much you can save minimum per year. We do most of the work; you can focus on your core activities. We give you insight into the different parameters per cost and in line with market prices.

If you don't save that amount, you'll get the money you didn't save back.

Frederik Delva, ICT, Valvan Baling Systems