Cost & contract management

For most indirect costs, we can offer a comprehensive cost and contract management model in which we partially or fully manage the lifecycle of your contracts and costs through predefined tasks and goals.

A savings audit is a snapshot and provides us the opportunity to advise companies on how to save now, in the short term.

However, many costs are influenced by various (external) parameters, including market trends, evolutions, and the company's own growth. It remains important to monitor indirect costs at all times and compare them to prevailing trends so that you can always make the "best buy." This refers to the rates and modules that best align with your current needs and consumption at that moment.

Additionally, the terms and new contracts for most costs must always be renegotiated at the end of the contract.

Monitoring indirect costs and optimizing them at the right times requires experience and time. That's why many companies seek our long-term assistance. To periodically monitor and proactively (and upon the client's request) analyze and optimize a company's indirect costs, we offer subscription-based services.

Our CCM subscriptions include the following standard services:

  1. Monitoring
  2. Verification
  3. Advising
  4. Contract negotiation
  5. Reporting
  6. Evaluating

Our analysts periodically monitor your costs and contracts using internally developed software tools and assist you periodically with the (proactive) execution of various tasks.

For some costs, we even provide access to our software tools and platforms:

Cost & contract management


myTelecom image

With the Telecom Expense Management tool myTelecom, we (and our clients) monitor telecom expenses monthly to detect irregularities, optimization possibilities, and errors. Telecom expenses include mobile telephony, fixed lines, data lines & general internet, M2M, and VoIP and VoWiFi applications.

Clients using our monitoring platform myTelecom are advised by a Spendless analyst on various optimization opportunities and potential savings for each component. The client can export reports to Excel to get an overview of costs and usage per number, per business unit, and per location. The client can also request reports on third-party costs, cost centers, top x users, and much more.

Additionally, the Spendless analyst can be deployed to initiate and lead new (contract) negotiations with current and new providers.


What: Following the same principle as myTelecom, myPrinter is a tool to map and monitor print and printer costs to identify optimization opportunities.

With myPrinter, you can inventory the parameters of all printers and easily monitor them periodically. Once your company has a sufficiently large printer fleet, we install the tool (remotely) so that everyone can get the most accurate picture of the various parameters and usage.

The goal is to measure what and how much is being printed so that we can best prepare for the future. We want to know which potential migrations, services, technologies, devices, calculators, maintenance contracts, etc., best suit our print(er) consumption.

For whom: Companies with a large printer fleet, including both multifunctional and smaller printers in leasing contracts with maintenance and purchased ones.

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