Supporting services

If you need additional support and can benefit from our assistance with the administration and support issues of your indirect costs, then engage our Spendless support officers for complete care from A to Z in the medium or long term.

Administrative Efficiency:

Our administrative services are designed to reduce your operational burden. We take responsibility for tasks such as invoice processing, invoice verification, document management, and other administrative processes. This not only ensures accuracy and efficiency but also allows your team or our Spendless consultants to focus on strategic goals.

Helpdesk Support:

We become a point of contact for employees and are ready to respond quickly and effectively to all questions and issues, ensuring smooth running of your business processes.

Supplier Relationship Management:

We handle communication with your suppliers, ensure optimal collaboration, and strive for continuous improvements in service and costs.

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Supporting services

Telecom support and administrative assistance

Telecom support and administrative assistance

For some companies, we take over the complete telecom management. Think, for example, of: requests for new devices, monitoring existing mobile phones, activating numbers, terminating numbers upon departure, checking unused numbers, ...

Every employee using a company device can turn to us for questions related to that device and their costs and usage. Our telecom support service serves as the first point of contact for any question related to your telecom costs.

For whom: interesting for companies that don't have the time to manage their telecom costs effectively and have a significant number of devices. We have clients with 110 devices managing their telecom story through our telecom support and companies with over 500 devices.

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