Our consultancy services are designed to guide companies in the execution of periodic tasks related to (complex) cost structures and assist in operational challenges. Effective management of your indirect costs plays a crucial role in the overall financial health of your business. Therefore, we offer tailor-made solutions that fit your specific needs.

Consultancy Assignments for One-time Projects or Long-term Support

Our consultancy services are flexibly tailored to the needs of your business.

Depending on the assignment, we determine a timeframe and periodicity, and identify tasks that must be performed at a minimum. Throughout the execution of the assignment, we continually seek process optimizations. Our models are specifically designed to relieve your organization in achieving cost efficiency and operational excellence.

The Spendless consultants can be deployed for specific one-time projects or become full-fledged members of your team by outsourcing tasks and functions in the long term.

Strategic & Executive

Your personal Spendless consultancy team collaborates closely with you and your colleagues at a strategic level, gaining insights into the specific processes, challenges, and objectives of the company. We become part of your team, not only providing professional advice to optimize costs and improve efficiency but also executing it.

We ensure the progress of your ongoing processes and take over important tasks, allowing you to save time and react quickly when necessary.

Complete Outsourcing

If your company needs a comprehensive approach to cost management and lacks the time or expertise to manage a particular cost, you can fully outsource it to a Spendless consultant. Depending on your needs and the tasks the Spendless consultant must take on, we determine a potential timeframe and the minimum number of hours we make ourselves available per month.

Let us manage your non-core activities, so you can focus on what truly matters to your business. With our outsourcing solutions, we take over tasks such as procurement support, invoice processing, and vendor management or complete functions like fleet manager and indirect spend manager.


Outsourcing fleet management: Spendless's fleet manager

Outsourcing fleet management: Spendless's fleet manager

We understand that managing a fleet of vehicles is a complex task. That's why we are ready to take this burden off your shoulders and efficiently manage your company vehicles.

The Spendless Fleetmanager becomes (partly) responsible for your fleet management and periodically monitors all vehicles and related costs. You are relieved in the search for and analysis of your company vehicles and receive assistance in negotiating all costs related to the purchase, leasing, and maintenance of those vehicles.

Benefits of the Spendless Fleetmanager:

General ordering and optimization of your company vehicles:
We guide you through the entire process of ordering company vehicles. By negotiating with garages and collaborating with your leasing companies, we ensure that you not only get the right vehicles for your company but also under the most favorable conditions.

Negotiations and cost optimization:
Our experts are experienced in negotiating with suppliers and garages. This results in cost efficiency in the acquisition and ongoing maintenance of your fleet, leading to significant savings for your company.

Proactive Monitoring:
We go beyond just initial management. Our team remains actively involved in monitoring the fleet, identifying improvement opportunities, and adjusting strategies to meet changing needs.

Strategic Assistance:
Our Fleetmanagers can assist you in (re)writing your CarPolicy and determining categories that may be interesting for your budgets. To establish a good strategy for the future, we extensively analyze your current fleet, make Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) calculations, and align all possibilities with market trends.

The provided services include at least the following:

  • Maintenance of the fleet and analysis of the CarPolicy
  • Analysis and monitoring of the market, market conditions, and opportunities
  • Advice and assistance in optimizing the CarPolicy and CarMenu
  • Advice on solutions that best align with your questions and needs
  • Customized negotiations
  • Proactively ordering new vehicles
  • ...

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