How we approach waste

Production companies and most service companies produce (industrial) waste. Depending on the sector, this cost is higher for you than others.
With most companies, a higher production (cost) goes hand in had with a higher waste processing costs. You have time and resources to focus on increasing your production, but is that the case when it comes to your waste costs?
While you focus on increasing your production, we at Spendless help you raise your profits by reducing your (waste processing) costs.


Based on the Spendless inventory of your waste streams and costs, our analysts advise you in the potential waste optimisations for your company.

Do you get the best conditions from your supplier? Experience has taught us that a lot of companies do not get the rates they should get. We have the time, resources and expertise to offer you the best conditions with your current provider.


Curious to you know how high or low your waste processing cost is compared against others? By analysing the markets on a daily basis, we've built a firm customer base which allows us to answer this question with ease.


Once our analysts finish negotiations, you receive a detailed advice plan, including an offer. This provides you with an insight into the long- and short-term possibilities.

In the Spendless advice plan, you will find the potential saving, based on the new unit prices and the possible optimisations.

Dex Oudenaarde

Een dag telt slechts 24 uur, maar iedere zelfstandige kent wel het gevoel dat het er eigenlijk 48 zouden mogen zijn. Onze focus ligt dan ook op de zaken die voor inkomsten zorgen en op de grote kostenposten. Er is geen tijd om die kleine kostenposten ook nog eens te monitoren. Het is een aangenaam gevoel om te ervaren dat Spendless deze zorg op zich neemt. Tegelijk worden dan ook nog eens besparingen gerealiseerd op de grote kostenposten of contracten met grote spelers opengebroken, wat een aanzienlijke meerwaarde is voor ons bedrijf.

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