How we approach telecommunications

Every company has telecom costs. Depending on your needs, these costs are higher or lower for mobile, fixed or data lines or M2M.

The world of telecom is a complicated tangle of conditions, subscriptions, service contracts, discounts, … Many companies can't keep track of their telecom usage and therefore often pay too much.

Do you know your telecom usage? Do you get the right rates, based on this usage? Wij provide insight into the world of telecom en help you save on telecom costs bij optimising independently.

"After the first analysis, you clearly and transparently showed us that our provider's invoices were not always correct." … "every company with a few sim cards, profits from the analysis.", says Torsten Moerman of Dewaele Real Estate Group


myTelecom shows you which telecom or data packs best fit your company usage as a whole or per employee individually. Based on deep analysis of your usage data, we give advice on optimising the administration of your agreements.

Every negotiation is a snapshot based on your activities and the market supply.

Our software platform gives you access to user-friendly management tool that can provide you with detailed information about your usage and associated costs, at any time. It's the basis of a well-founded and documented telecom expense management.

  • Cost checking
  • Number management
  • Usage consulting
  • Detailed reporting
  • Possibility to delegate by creating groups and sublogins.

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Independent advice

By collecting usage data and cost information through our online platform, we give periodic advice allowing you to optimise further.

This way, you can be sure your provider gives you the service you expect, since it's the service which best matches your needs.

"At the start of the collaboration, we plan a meeting during which a Telecom Analyst introduces you to our platform and proposes a strategy to optimise: which discounts can be negotiated, which lines can be replaced by cheaper and more effective ones, …
This optimisation is super and you just know you always have the best subscription plans with the best rates. You're reassured because an expert is handling it and that is demonstrated by the decrease of your telecom costs."
Elien Dekeersmaeker at Eneco


Through our software platform, we check if the invoices from your provider for your mobile, fixed or data lines match the conditions stipulated in the contract. We look for rate, discount or activation errors.

We don't have the expertise nor the time to manually check our invoices, let alone correct them. The online platform allows us to easily manage our telecom expenses.
Torsten Moerman, Chief accountant at Dewaele Vastgoed Groep


By benchmarking generally - anonymously comparing with other clients - we actively or passively negotiate the right rates for you.

"Your extensive knowledge on the providers and their rates enable you to negotiate improved contracts with the providers. Your advice enables you to optimise the rates per employee. All this results in a serious saving"
(Eddy Van Lerberge, Manager Purchasing & Production administration at Rousselot)


We assist you in establishing telecom policies. We helpe preparing and comparing with tenders. We give support in device management.


Jullie kennis van alle providers en hun tarieven, stellen jullie in staat om jullie klanten verbeterde contracten met de providers te onderhandelen. Jullie advies om per werknemer de tarieven te optimaliseren. Dit alles resulteert in een serieuze besparing.

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