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How large companies save costs and time through the telecom software tool myTelecom

In this blog, we outline the importance of our Telecom Expense Management (TEM) tool, myTelecom, for (medium) large companies.

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What is TEM?

Telecom Expense Management (TEM) refers to the management of your telecom costs. Companies that do not manage their telecom costs well do not always know exactly what they are paying for. Telecom costs can quickly add up and therefore, like other costs, must be well monitored and controlled.

The goal of TEM is to create insight into the costs, understand them, and adjust them if necessary by managing, interpreting, and visualizing telecom data.

With a TEM tool, you save time and can monitor, control, and report costs very accurately, with the ultimate goal of never paying too much for your telecom.

Telecom costs refer to everything: mobile telephony, fixed telephony, data lines, M2M (machine-to-machine), telephone exchanges, and so on. It is important to always look at telecom costs in their entirety.

Time savings through automatic data mining

If you manually collect, select, and check all telecom data, you lose a lot of time. That is why it is important to use a TEM tool that automates the data mining of your telecom costs. Spendless' myTelecom is such a tool.

By importing telecom data into the myTelecom tool, you create the possibility to create custom reports so that you get insight into your literal usage and its associated cost. myTelecom processes the rough data of telecom invoices monthly. These are provider CDR files in a readable format such as CSV.

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Automatic control of telecom costs

As with other costs, telecom invoices must be checked for errors and irregularities. Unfortunately, this is not easy due to the many rules in a telecom invoice. In addition, such errors become problematic in the sense that, if not detected by the company, they usually recur monthly and become recurrent.

We note that many companies still manually check their telecom invoices via Excel files. However, for a large enterprise, manually checking each physical invoice is a thing of the past. This is time-consuming and never as effective as a digital tool.

Via the TEM software tool myTelecom, you can automatically perform checks with a rule-based system. This means that all agreed prices, discounts, additional costs, etc., stipulated in your contract, are converted into rules via the tool. In this way, the tool can periodically (with each invoice) match the charged costs with the rules of the contract. The telecom invoice is recalculated, as it were. You can do this for current and future invoices, as well as for invoices from previous months/years.

Spendless' telecom advisor monitors the company's telecom costs every month via myTelecom. This is to communicate excessive use, errors in invoices, new technologies, third-party costs, inactive numbers, and so on to the customer. He or she then provides telecom advice: increasing and decreasing bundles (mobile telephony), crediting errors, looking at how to cost-effectively renew old technology, etc. We will let you know when contracts for data lines, SIPs, telephone exchanges, mobile telephony, etc., need to be renewed and start negotiations upon approval.

Our customers also receive their own login for myTelecom to consult and monitor their telecom costs.

Automatic reporting of telecom costs

With myTelecom, you can automatically create reports on various telecom costs and telecom parameters. You can consult some costs yourself at any time, while other reports must be requested from the telecom advisors. Some user reports for your mobile telephony costs that you can consult yourself include the function report, cost center report, location report, user limits, data usage, annual report, top users, third-party costs, split report, and so on.

Certain reports can also be sent out to employees. Think of usage reports and other reports to sensitize employees. Contact us if you want more information about all possible reporting options. Spendless' IT specialists can also easily create custom reports.

The best telecom contracts and rates with your current and new providers

In addition to monitoring telecom costs, the telecom advisor also assists with negotiating telecom costs and contracts. Spendless analyzes the daily telecom costs of various companies and negotiates contracts with all providers on a weekly basis. This way, we can guarantee that your company always gets the rates it deserves. The best prices based on your usage and needs.

We provide independent telecom advice and show you how to reduce telecom costs with both your current provider and a new provider. Most companies don't want to switch providers just like that. They are advised on how to save on telecom costs with their current provider.

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