Jeroen Mertens, Procurement Manager

Desotec Group

DESOTEC is an international developer, manufacturer and supplier of treatment solutions based primarily on activated carbon technology. Its total solutions include supplying a wide range of mobile adsorption systems and recycling spent activated carbon.

Since 2014, we have been helping Desotec monitor, control and negotiate their mobile phone costs through our telecom platform myTelecom.

Jeroen Mertens, Procurement manager of Desotec uses our telecom tool for "automatic invoice control, group reports and communication to employees" among other things. Glad to hear that we are meeting our expectations and he is satisfied with our services and results achieved.

"Once set up, everything goes automatically. Instead of checking your invoices (manually), you involve colleagues who do a check for their part." Spendless checks invoices and sends customized reports to Desotec employees. This allows each individual to personally consult & review their usage & costs per month.

Over the past 24 months, we have saved Desotec 20-25% on their mobile phone costs. This without changing providers. In fact: they have never changed provider since 2014!

Thanks Jeroen for the great cooperation!