David Wuyts, ICT Coordinator

Democo Group nv

Democo is a construction company and general contractor with total solutions for any type of project, from structural to turnkey, new construction to renovation. They build residential, commercial, industrial and offices that add value to the environment and people. Democo Group gathers the expertise of 8 specialized companies and 800 employees to deliver added value in Contracting, Development, Engineering and Finishing.

In 2018, the collaboration between Democo Group and Spendless began.

The first year of the collaboration, we reduced their telecom costs by about 25%. This by applying a better tariff plan, enforcing a few credit notes and via a commercial gesture for a bill shock.

David Wuyts, ICT Coordinator of Democo Group nv, was convinced of our help at the time because of the "clear cost savings" and feels that we have lived up to expectations: "I expected a clear pattern in decreasing costs and this has clearly shown itself over the past few years."

When asked if he was satisfied with our services and results achieved, David replied as follows: "very satisfied, clear results and a clear and tight communication both internally, but also towards our telecom partner".

Nice to hear that David recommends us to "larger companies where telecom management has become difficult over the years. This is a time consuming task that has clearly paid off for us by outsourcing this."

Thank you David for a wonderful partnership!